Get The Family Outside for Healthy Fun

GARED All Pro Jam Adjustable Basketball System with Glass Backboard We spend too much time inside these days, and often we're inside sitting in front of the TV on the couch. While it may feel like family time, you don't get the same sense of connection and family fun when you're not looking at one another and interacting. Outdoor games can be a great way to get everyone outside, doing something active, and learning to solve problems and work together. For your next family gathering, make it fun by taking it outside.

Outdoor Games for Everyone

If you live near a park or an area where there's a bit of space to run around, a game of touch football, soccer, or capture the flag can be a lot of fun, even if nobody is any good. In fact, the sillier it is, the better. Take the pressure off by introducing special rules, like if your four year old manages to catch a pass, no matter how close, they can run the ball all the way to the end zone without being touched. If you can lighten the sense of competition, everyone can have fun.

Of course not all family fun outside has to be games that involve running around. And not all family members can participate in games like that. You can also play games that involve hiding things and if you want you can team up and play a game that is a variation on capture the flag but where you have to find the flag, ball, or other item.

More Structured Outdoor Family Games

If the weather is nice, you can play fun games outdoors with the whole family like card games, board games, and other games that are played in your seat. Having a few options for your various family members can help to ensure that everyone has something fun to do during a family gathering. You may be surprised at who takes on who at a game of checkers.

Getting the whole family outside for family fun and games may seem like a lot of work. But if you have the right set up of furniture and game tables, or if you simply make a plan for how you can all play a game together, you'll find that the time you take to plan is really worthwhile. You can all have fun together and create memories unique to your family.

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