Highwood Premium Synthetic Wood Adirondack Chair

Highwood Synthetic Wood Adirondack Chair
Highwood USA
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Highwood USA

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Product Overview

Made from next-generation synthetic wood material, the Highwood Adirondack Chair is stylish and functional. Breathtaking natural wood-grain beauty combines with ultra low maintenance and longevity. No other ultra low maintenance outdoor product comes as close to the look and feel of real wood. True "year round" performance makes this the only Adirondack chair you'll have to buy!

  • Color: Toffee or White
  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA by Amish craftsmen
  • ULTRA low maintenance - amazing wood look, without the upkeep
  • Never splits, rots, warps, cracks... whatever the weather
  • Folds for convenient storage
  • Reclines and offers a curved back for added comfort
  • Fully recyclable product

Dimensions: 37"D x 29"W x 37"H
Weight: 39 lbs.

About Highwood Synthetic Lumber:

  • Ultra low maintenance - an occasional wash down with soapy water keeps your Highwood product free of dust/grime and looking its best.
  • Color stability - come rain or shine, your Highwood product stays looking great throughout its lifetime.
  • NO wood-fiber mixed into the recipe (not a "composite") - As a true synthetic material, Highwood will not fade or fall victim to moisture damage/absorption.
  • Solid pieces - just like real wood, Highwood synthetic wood is made in solid pieces and is the same material right down to the core. No veneers and no inferior "inner" layers or filling.
  • Ultimate outdoor performance - Highwood is harder than cedar or redwood and can be used in semi-structural applications. It will never splinter, rot, warp, suffer water damage, fungal decay or termite/insect damage.
  • Eco-friendly material - Highwood is a non-toxic and encapsulated product that will not leech chemicals into its environment. It is manufactured in an environmentally conscious plant. Highwood synthetic lumber is fully recyclable and helps reduce the consumption of forests.

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Product Specifications
Assembled Dimensions: 37.00 × 29.00 × 37.00 inches
Shipping Dimensions: 38.00 × 21.00 × 11.00 inches
Approximate Shipping Weight: 40.00 pounds
Additional Information: Highwood proudly manufactures both the unique synthetic wood material and the Adirondack furniture here in the USA. The result is the perfect marriage of technology and style, delivering a natural luxurious wood-like appearance not commonly found in low-maintenance outdoor furniture. No longer do you need to sacrifice appearance! Your Adirondack collection will perfectly accent any style home/outdoor living space and can just as easily be transported for day-trips. Comfortable design, easy storage and a faux-wood that looks too good to be true...year after year. Replaces multiple purchases of wood-equivalents - plus you NEVER need to paint or stain your furniture again!
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